All fully transparent trades, that can be performed in any account under $3000
My friends and family follow along, and I’m not about to make enemies that close to home

Why is this FREE?

The trading business is an utter cesspool filled with course hawks, indicator pushers, and trading system schemes.
In my over 25 years of trading, NONE of these systems have worked.

They were overpriced, ambiguous and could never be reproduced real-time the way the hustler presented it .

Trade rooms are the worst offenders.
Most come off as just swell people, offer plenty of free bait to get you to believe they are genuine and may even know a thing or two.
Eventually, their goal is to upsell you on their courses, indicators, and trading system.
They are nothing but con-artists moving from scam to scam .
The trading business is the perfect place for these scumbags to spin their bullshit.
There is literally zero regulation, zero governance, and zero oversight unless someone gets bagged for 2-300K .. It’s absolutely disgusting .

Worst of all, over 95% of these pieces of garbage, do not even trade their own system, and literally make their money off your money.
What they demonstrate is a SIM or Paper Money account designed to look like a live trading account. Moreover, many purposly will delay their stream 5-10 minutes to insure their trickery can not be viewed.
Many if not all, are great marketers who have to keep the pipeline of noobs filled to keep the scam alive.

The rest of it I’m sure you know.
You spent $4-5000 on this system that was suppose to be a game changer, but all it did was make the person selling it rich, and your still losing money .

My system is extremely simple:
TRADE SMALL = no 1 Trade can harm your overall account.
DEFINED RISK = before entering a trade know:
Probability of Profit
Expected Realistic Profit
BIG NAMES = Always trade the big household names
And avoid penny stocks
EXPECT TO LOSE = If you’ve done that, you justified
the risk you are willing to take.
TAKE THE TRADES = If you went small, defined your
Risk , fear of losing is easier to
NO REGRETS = Never fear acting on a trade, you trade
Small, anything is worth a shot

JUST TRADE BABY = be patient, and dont over manage. If you did everything above, nothing that happens should be a surprise, let it run its course.