$TSLA $F BAC Option Hacker quick post

Option Hacker Explained

It’s so important to have a very solid watchlist. You can use the one provided on the homepage.
Enjoy …

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One thought on “$TSLA $F BAC Option Hacker quick post

  1. I’m famous! Thanks! Just imported your 2018 list. Also your chart layout. I did my first scan using “all optional”. It pulled up options on CBOT futures for t-bills, corn etc. There were stock options too, but why wouldn’t I want to follow the largest option volume contracts out there instead of restricting my self to a small watchlist?

    I just started studying options and want to learn this so bad so I don’t have to follow anyone else’s calls. I really appreciate what you are doing and feel that I can trust your guidance more than anyone else since you are putting this out for free and targeting people with under $3k accounts. I just funded mine Jan 1 with $2,500. So thank you big time for all the direction and keeping it simple.

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