Look ahead week of 8/15- 8/19 $SPY $QQQ $IWM $$XHB $AAPL $AMZN $ZS_F

Seasonality starts bringing the Grain markets into play.
Not expecting up or down side , but increase in volatility will start as we move to Mid August and into September.

A view into Big Tech; many are helping the overall indexes greatly, but are showing strong areas of resistance . The lack of volatility , however, is presenting a challenge to trade these names with being purely directional and buying options.
Volatility rank on the likes of APPL is now in the single digits at 6. Where as AMZN still somewhat favorable at 36.1

The sector of most interest in the coming weeks will be Home Builders.
They have corrected in line with other markets, but the interest rate headwinds will weigh heavy on them in the coming months.
Seeing good opportunity to get long Put Calendar & Put Spreads particularly slightly OTM spreads as a cheap way to play a deep correction in the sector .

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