Look ahead week of 8/15- 8/19 $SPY $QQQ $IWM $$XHB $AAPL $AMZN $ZS_F

Seasonality starts bringing the Grain markets into play. Not expecting up or down side , but increase in volatility will start as we move to Mid August and into September. A view into Big Tech; many are helping the overall indexes greatly, but are showing strong areas of resistance . The lack of volatility ,Continue reading “Look ahead week of 8/15- 8/19 $SPY $QQQ $IWM $$XHB $AAPL $AMZN $ZS_F”

$ZS_F $ZC_F $ZW_F Grains continued volatility ahead

The world’s supply of crops is under pressure and likely to remain that way even as grain prices fall, say some of the world’s largest agriculture companies. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is continuing to disrupt supplies from one of the world’s top grain-exporting regions. Bad weather affecting big crop-producing regions, including in South America, is also helping to fuelContinue reading “$ZS_F $ZC_F $ZW_F Grains continued volatility ahead”

Look a head 2/28 – 3/4 $SPY $QQQ $IWM Earnings

Commodities will continue to be the focus this week as the tensions in Eastern Europe remain headlines.Crude Oil, Gold, Soybeans, Corn, Wheat remain volatile and very active. Earnings releases include many big notable names:Monday: LUCID, ZOOM, BLINK, HP, Smile Direct ClubTuesday: Target, Sea, Baidu, Dominos, Kohls, SoFi, AMC, Plug Power,SalesForce, WishWednesday: Dollar Tree, Snow Flake,Continue reading “Look a head 2/28 – 3/4 $SPY $QQQ $IWM Earnings”